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After arriving here in September we've been busy orrienting ourselves in this area...a little bit tricky during months of lockdowns.
We've walked many paths...
passed many churches...
peered into many community spaces.
Having three children we have also walked apporximately 300 times to various schools (and back!), so far.

This advent we have initiated and are running Thorp Living Advent Calendar. Each day during advent a house on Thorp estate unveils their decorative window and keeps it lit for the rest of Advent. By the 24th December, there'll be 24 houses taking part in the trail.
We managed to fill our last space at 9pm on the 30th November (Phew!)


To follow the windows online please follow this link Thorp Living Advent Calendar
If you're passing by Thorp after dark in December, please come and enjoy the windows — There's a map on the facebook page or contact us for a hard copy.

Now for New Year, we have a 'remembering' activity for residents of Royton, to help remember and acknowledge all the things we have lost in 2020. This year we have lost loved ones, often without being able to say goodbye. We have lost family holidays, weddings, and special birthdays which might have been planned for a long time. We have lost jobs, and might be wondering if we will find another one. We have lost exams that we have worked for, friends that we couldn't play with, days and days of school.
We might think some of things we've lost are too small or insignificant to remember, but they all add up to the sense of loss and hopelessness that many of us may be feeling at the end of 2020. Doing something to acknowledge what we've lost, and commemorating it in some way can help us express our grief.

Come and tie a ribbon on our weeping Tree of Lost Things — encourage your friends and neighbours to visit the tree on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and begin 2021 having acknowledged our loss in 2020. Here's a video explaining how the tree will work

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