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>Saturday 11 July 2020

We have a new President of the Methodist Conference. The Revd Richard Teal commenced his Presidential year at the meeting of the Methodist Conference last week. He offers us a prayer which you can watch, listen to and pray HERE.

With the ending of the Methodist Conference and the adoption of "The Stations" which is that "Methodist Way" of allocating ministers, presbyters and deacons, to their post, my present post was extended. Not only am I Superintendent Minister of the Shaw & Royton Circuit but I am now also, concurrently, Superintendent of the Oldham and Saddleworth Circuit. Additional resources are being put in place to ensure a continuance of the work that needs to be done and I shall tell you more about those when they are in place. You may see a slight change on my letterheads and email footers to read "The Methodist Church in Oldham" followed by one or other, or both, of the Circuit names. I shall, over coming months, be working with the leadership teams of both Circuits to bring us together into a new Circuit with effect from September 2021. The new Circuit will be a large geographical area which will cover the whole of the Oldham Borough Council area from Hollinwood and Chadderton right across to Diggle and Greenfield. This is a good development as it expands our opportunities for mission and opens up additional resources. You shall hear more about this as the work develops over the next few months — but if you have any questions do feel free to ask them.

I hope that all remains well, please let me know if there is anything that you need.

Blessings abound!


The Rev Dr Adrian Burdon
Superintendent Minister
The Methodist Church in Oldham
Shaw & Royton Circuit


> Tuesday 7 July 2020 — Update on the reopening of Church Buildings

The Shaw & Royton Methodist Circuit Meeting met by Zoom Video Conferencing last light. Part of the agenda enabled a conversation about the potential reopening of our church buildings.

It was resolved by an overwhelming majority that the time is not yet right for us to consider reopening of any of our church buildings for public worship and that we should continue as we are doing for some time more. We undertook to review this decision at the next Circuit Meeting which is to take pace on 17 September 2020. We were mindful of the great hardship that our not meeting for worship is placing on some people, especially those who are unable to access the alterative provision, but we made the decision primarily for public safety. We also recognised that even if we were to meet, the restrictions upon our activities, such as singing and loud speaking, would render the worship inadequate. Consequently, I have suspended the plans that I had in place for any reopening of our church buildings for public worship in the early autumn and, for now, have stopped creating the Circuit Preaching Plan. Be assured, however, that we shall get back to worship just as soon as we consider it safe to do so and once the worship that we can offer bears some resemblance of what we would want to be doing.

We also discussed the opportunities for reopening our buildings for appropriate weekday use by the community and lettings. Following government and Connexional guidance, there is a complex process of preparation for us to follow before we can open our building for any purpose. The Circuit Meeting unanimously resolved to undertake the process of formal risk assessment, creation of appropriate procedures, provision of the necessary registers in order to enable our buildings to be opened for community use and lettings from early September 2020. We undertook that I would work with each set of church Stewards and Property Team from 10 August in order to put all things in place by the beginning of September. Having undertaken this work means that when we do feel ready to reopen our buildings for public worship then that process will be more swift and straightforward.
I do know that this news will frustrate and disappoint many people. Be assured that we are following all the guidelines from the Methodist Connexion and national government and we shall get back to public corporate worship just as quickly and efficiently as it is safe to do so.

Until then, we carry on with our recorded worship, we carry on supporting one another in the marvellous manner that we have been doing, we continue to remember that blessings abound.

Thank you for your continued patience, your continued prayers and your continued support through these hard times.

I hope that all remains well, please let me know if there is anything that you need.

Blessings abound!


The Rev Dr Adrian Burdon
Superintendent Minister
Shaw & Royton Circuit of the Methodist Church



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Welcome to the Shaw & Royton Circuit website


We are a small Circuit of the Manchester and Stockport District of the Methodist Church. Located at the northern tip of the district, part of Oldham Borough, we are six churches spread across two former mill towns in the foothills of the Pennines. Methodism in this area was established over 200 years ago and we have some historic buildings which are still used in worship.

The Shaw and Royton Circuit is looking forward to a time of growth and development. We are seeking ways to engage more fully with our neighbourhoods and to engage in God's mission in this place. The worship in our churches is, generally, traditional but we are looking forward to exploring new ways and finding new expressions for our traditions.

The Shaw & Royton Circuit is in partnership with the neighbouring Oldham & Saddleworth Circuit and the Superintendent Minister covers both Circuits. We are working together to create a new Circuit, covering the whole of the Oldham Metropolitan Borough area, from September 2021.

We acknowledge the calling of the Methodist Church in Britain as our local calling and so seek to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission.


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There is a Government website which will link you to other resources and support. If you are in isolation and have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable then you can register here and make your needs know to those who can help and support you.

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09 June 2020

Statement on racism from the Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler
Secretary of the Methodist Conference

The brutal killing of George Floyd, who died at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, has prompted a wave of anger and revulsion around the world. As Christian people, we are appalled that someone could die in such a fashion and appalled also at the continued injustice which many Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people experience in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, and in many institutions, including, shamefully, the Methodist Church in Britain.

We therefore welcome and endorse the call of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement for radical action in addressing the causes of this injustice. The Methodist Church in Britain believes that racism is a denial of the gospel. However, we have to recognize that we have not eradicated the problem from our Church, despite the excellent work of many over several decades; in the last year we have redoubled our efforts to do so and are actively working on the implementation of our 'Inclusive Methodist Church' strategy which commits to challenging all forms of discrimination and creating a Church where people from every background are welcome and are safe from abuse and discrimination.

Such a Church will celebrate and not be afraid of diversity; it will be disciplined and uncompromising in its refusal to tolerate any form of racism; it will work to encourage the vocation of those from minority groups to serve in positions of senior leadership; and it will be one in which all people can be confident of the welcome that they will receive as they share in worship and ministry with us. We repent of the ways that we have fallen short of that in the past and of our slowness in changing our ways and we continue to look for ways in which we can witness to the all-encompassing love of God and become the transformation that we long to be. 'Only the Spirit's power can fit us for this hour': we pray, 'Come, Holy Spirit, come!


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