Circuit Worship for 29 March 2020

I am grateful to Norman Unsworth, one of our team of Local Preachers, for preparing worship for us this week. Let us all worship together at around 10.30am on 29 March by clicking on the link found on the Worship page HERE. Remember that you can leave a comment, or a reflection, on the worship through the form on the Worship page.

Thank you so much for your help Norman.




Important Notice — 23 March 2020 (Updated 25 March 2020)


I need to take some time out and shall get back to things on Palm Sunday.

The Rev Eddie Gordon and the Rev Bob Davies are giving pastoral support to the circuit for the time being. They are only able to give telephone or 'remote' support although there is a provision in place for anything more than this if needed. Please contact Janet Abbott (Circuit Steward) if you need further guidance.

This does mean that I shall not, for the timebeing, be creating an act of worship in which we can all share. I will get back to it in due course. In the meantime, though, let us all share in worship from Wesley's Chapel, City Road, London.

** Morning Prayers are live streamed at 10:00 Monday-Friday

** Worship Services are live streamed on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 12:45

** Sunday Worship Services are live streamed at 9:45 and 11:00.

Follow this link to join the live stream at the times above, or to watch recordings of the services at other times.


The sun comes up
It's a new day dawning
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass
And whatever lies before me
Let me be singing
When the evening comes

Blessings abound!








Orb white


See HERE for a daily prayer from the Methodist Church in Britain.


Also ... HERE is a prayer by the President of the Methodist Conference)





Adrian Burdon

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If you are reading this but have not received any email contact from me then that means that I do not have an email address for you. If you would like to receive the regular emails then please send me your email address at .



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> 23 March 2020 1300h

The Methodist Church is announcing a closure of all its churches for the foreseeable future. The only exception will be for churches that are offering essential social outreach such as foodbanks, soup kitchens and night shelters, but these must be carried out closely within Government guidelines. The Methodist Church suspended worship services last week with some churches still opening for quiet prayer and reflection. This must now also be suspended. We would encourage people to use our online resources at home which include downloadable services and links to online worship services.

The Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler, Secretary of the Conference said: "We are asking people to change their way of 'going to church' to help to protect themselves and others. We have put in place measures that will enable Methodists still to be part of the worshipping community, whilst for everyone's sake staying away from church buildings. There is a range of resources available for people to use at home which we hope will help them to continue their cycle of prayer and worship. The Methodist Church is more than its buildings and if in these unprecedented times we can continue our life as Methodists without using our buildings we will help to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus."

This means that we must shut up our buildings and leave them shut until told otherwise. Our employed caretakers must be stood down on full pay. There shall be no weddings, funerals or any form of activity in our buildings.

I am conscious that we have Red Robin and St Andrew's preschool operating in support of key workers. They may continue to do so in line with the conditions under which they are already operating.

Continue to support the restrictions and do the right thing.

If you need assistance please contact the Revd Bob Davies and Eddie Gordon as in the message at the head of this page.


>22 March 2020 1400h — 101 Connections

There were 101 connections to our act of worship this morning and, assuming some of those were families, that means that more than that worshipped together this morning. Isn't that wonderful? It certainly makes it worth my while producing the material. If you know someone who doesn't have internet, but would value receiving the material on DVD then let me know at .

It is Mothering Sunday and we send love to our mothers and remember, with fondness, those who have mothered us. I spoke with my 89 year old mother this morning and was pleased that her local church and neighbourhood is looking out for her. Interestingly her comment was that she has never before had so many people making contact with her in order to ensure that she is OK... makes you think doesn't it! I am grateful that there are others doing for her what I am trying to do here. Let us be blessed by each other.

I have been alerted to an issue with the general emails that I send out. You cannot reply to them by hitting the reply button as it just bounces back. I am using the website, which hold contact data including emails on all our members, in order to send out the global emails. It seems not to have the capacity to deal with replies. So, if you wish to reply then use my regular email address. I shall remember to put that message on the next email that I send out in that way. Email me at .

Some people are asking me what happens about baptisms, weddings and funerals at this time. I do have some baptisms and weddings booked and funerals continue to be needed. The Methodist Church has issued direction on how we might engage with these events. You can see it HERE.

Carry on keeping yourselves safe and remember...

Blessing abound!


Please contact me if there is anything at all that I can do for you at this time.



> 21 March 2020 1200h — Can you help me find the vulnerable people?

Things are changing quite rapidly and as the country is shutting down so opportunities for us to move around interact become more limited. I had a video conference yesterday with the senior steward of every church and the Circuit Stewards. We talked about how we can keep in touch with our folk and shared some ideas. We are conscious that there are some people who shall be particularly vulnerable during this time of isolation. PLEASE will you help me out by sending me an email telling me of those from our churches, known to you, who might come into this category. This means our older people who live alone and may not have family close by. If you are a Pastoral Visitor or Pastoral Secretary then you will probably have this information, please send me an email at . Whilst I may not do pastoral visits in the normal manner, I can do brief doorstep visits without going into people's homes. I shall do this where appropriate if you will help me out with the information.

Tomorrow is Sunday and we can worship together even though we are apart. I have produced a video version of worship that I would have been leading at Trinity. Let all watch it tomorrow. I shall be doing so with my family at 1030am, let all do it together and know that others are worshipping with us. I shall be producing a video for each week. Be aware it is not BBC songs of praise quality! You can go to the worship page of this website and click on the link. I am using the YouTube platform which means that you can watch it on any kind of device (apart from a landline of course!). I know that some of our folk do not have access to any kind of device and so have worked out how to create a DVD using the same material which can be watch on a standard DVD player and television. Who should I give these to? Again, if you are a Pastoral Visitor or Pastoral Secretary then you will probably have this information, please send me an email at .

So follow this link and let us all worship together at 10.30am tomorrow.


Please contact me if there is anything at all that I can do for you at this time.



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Please pray for these people, known to us, who have asked for our prayers as they self-isolate:


* Kelsy and Sarah Lewis (18.03.2020)

* Jean and Geoff Kay (21/03.2020)

* Terry and Ann Livesey (22.03.2020)

* Lou Halliday and family (23.03.2020)

* Carol and John Hughes (23.03.2020)


* All our older folk and those with health issues who
now need to stay at home.



If you are self-isolating and wish us to be aware of it, support you and pray for you, then please email the Superintendent Minister at





See HERE for the latest response and advice. from the Methodist Church to the corona virus.


See HERE for other worship resources for use at home during the corona virus crisis.



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The Shaw and Royton Circuit is looking forward to a time of growth and development. We are seeking ways to engage more fully with our neighbourhoods and to engage in God's mission in this place. The worship in our churches is, generally, traditional but we are looking forward to exploring new ways and finding new expressions for our traditions.

We acknowledge the calling of the Methodist Church in Britain as our local calling and so seek to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out our discipleship in worship and mission.

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